Teacher Supervision During Free Time

During the recess period after lunch, which starts when the bell is rung (around 12:10pm) and ends at 12:45 pm, there are four teachers assigned to monitor the boys. It is understood that these four teachers will not be able to watch every boy at all times. In general, when the students are mostly spread out through the property then the teachers will be spread out as well. One of the four teachers will be positioned down by the lower paddock/stone bridge/frog pond area. Another teacher will be positioned on the Green. A third teacher will monitor the basketball court and surrounding woods. The fourth teacher will be in front of the School House to monitor football and soccer games.

Teachers are normally involved in meetings and after school activities outside of the 8:15 AM – 3:15 PM school day. Boys can arrive in the morning beginning at 7:45 and congregate on the Green or in the Barn. At the end of the school day they can again congregate in these areas until 4:00 PM while waiting to be picked up. During these times a boy should not visit other parts of the campus without the permission of a teacher or his parents. Boys should not be on the campus outside of these hours unless they are participating in a school activity or their parents have made arrangements with the school administration.