2022-23 Class Teaching Assignments

Mr. Giallombardo, Mr. Golden, Mr. Haggarty, Mr. Houde, Mr. Janeiro, Mr. Keefe, Mr. Lechner, Mr. Le Grand, Mr. S. Mahoney, Mr. Pacific, Mr. ReillyCraftsmanship345678
Mr. ReillyHistory – The Ancient World3
Mr. P. MahoneyHistory – The Medieval World4
Mr. JaneiroHistory – Colonial America5
Mr. KeefeHistory – Westward Expansion6
Mr. ReillyHistory – Lands and Conquest7
Mr. S. MahoneyHistory – The Ancient World8
Mr. HoudeLanguage Arts3
Mr. GoldenLanguage Arts4
Mr. McDonaldLanguage Arts5
Mr. LechnerLanguage Arts6
Mr. HaggartyLatin7
Mr. HoudeLatin8
Mr. HoudeLiterature3
Mr. GoldenLiterature4
Mr. McDonaldLiterature5
Mr. JaneiroLiterature6
Mr. KeefeLiterature7
Mr. S. MahoneyLiterature8
Mr. HaggartyMath3
Mr. S. MahoneyMath4
Mr. McDonaldMath5
Mr. GoldenMath6
Mr. P. MahoneyPre-Algebra7
Mr. Le GrandAlgebra 18
Mr. ReillyAlgebra 28
Mr. KeefeMusic – Choir34
Mr. HoudeMusic – Choir56
Mr. GiallombardoMusic Appreciation7
Mr. GiallombardoMusic Appreciation8
Mr. GiallombardoPhys Ed3
Mr. ReillyPhys Ed4
Mr. PacificPhys Ed5
Mr. PacificPhys Ed6
Mr. GiallombardoPhys Ed7
Mr. PacificPhys Ed8
Mr. GreeneReligion3
Mr. P. MahoneyReligion4
Mr. JaneiroReligion5
Mr. JaneiroReligion6
Mr. BillmeierReligion7
Mr. LechnerReligion8
Mr. GiallombardoScience – Natural History 13
Mr. GiallombardoScience – Natural History 24
Mr. HaggartyScience – Natural History 35
Mr. LechnerScience – Earth Science6
Mr. HaggartyScience – Life Science7
Mr. Le GrandScience – Physical Science8
Mr. S. MahoneySpeech3
Mr. GiallombardoSpeech4
Mr. JaneiroSpeech5
Mr. S. MahoneySpeech6
Mr. S. MahoneySpeech7
Mr. JaneiroSpeech8