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Welcome to Sparhawk Academy!

Sparhawk Academy is a private elementary and middle school for boys in grades 3-8. We exist to support parents, the primary educators of their children. Our outstanding faculty of experienced teachers commit to help each boy grow into a confident and joyful man who gives himself generously to his family and friends.

We are a school that is grounded in the Catholic faith. A Sparhawk education begins with a vision of the human person created by God and blessed with a specific family, unique talents, interests and aptitudes, and a personality that will be formed by the relationships and experiences of his lifetime. We are focused on the important formative years of a boy’s life, grades 3-8, when his intellectual, physical, moral, and spiritual capacities are rapidly developing.

Our teachers give priority to hands-on learning. We engage more with the real versus the virtual world, and so take advantage of our beautiful 60 acre property to explore the wonders of nature. Boys explore our woods, fields, and brooks, observing plants and animals, identifying footprints and bird calls. They engage with great literature and read about heroes and adventurers, men and women who overcome obstacles with ingenuity and good cheer. 

Boys love a good game, and so we find healthy ways to channel their competitive spirit in and out of the classroom. Whether it is reciting a poem in front of the entire school at the Competition of the Bard, running for our Massachusetts State Championship Lower School cross country team, or shooting the rapids during one of our Capstone trips to northern Maine, boys learn to test their limits and grow in confidence.

We are always delighted to welcome visitors to Sparhawk and spend lots of time getting to know prospective students and their families. We encourage interested boys to spend a shadow day attending classes and experiencing the joys of daily physical education and free play time. 

A Catholic priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei serves as chaplain and oversees the religious education program. Guests are always welcome at Mass, celebrated every school day in our chapel at 11:30 am.

We hope to see you on campus sometime soon!