Our Growth Trajectory

The fruit of years of prayer and work, in September 2018 Sparhawk Academy began its great adventure of educating boys. Our original plan was to open with 25 boys in grades 4-7, and add a grade 3 and grade 8 in our second year. But many families were attracted to the three pillars of our vision:

  • we exist to support parents as the primary educators of their children;
  • boys will thrive in a boy-friendly curriculum and physical environment;
  • boys hunger for role models who will challenge them academically, encourage their physical development, mentor their moral imagination, and guide their spiritual lives.

On the first day of school, we began with 36 boys. The second year saw an enrollment of 55, followed by 67 the next year. We have continued growing to the point that we now have an enrollment of 95 students. We also have an outstanding faculty of 15 teachers and a chaplain who embody our vision.

The school started in the farm house, which was originally built in 1931. Since purchasing the property in December 2017, we have remodeled the house to include a reception area, classrooms, locker rooms, and even a small library. A teacher’s lounge and administrative offices occupy the second floor.

In the fall of 2019, we entirely remodeled the old three car garage into a beautiful space that now serves as our music hall and extra classroom. This 800 square foot space also includes a handicapped access bathroom and storage space.

In the spring of 2020 we submitted plans to various Town of Millis boards in order to construct an 11,500 square-foot building, containing five classrooms, a large chapel, and a large gathering space. These plans included designs for a new road, parking, stormwater runoff remediation, and landscaping. After receiving the appropriate approvals, the summer of 2021 marked the beginning of construction. The new building was completed by the summer of 2022. Most of our classes now take place in this new facility.

We welcome your questions and ideas about how we can make the Sparhawk experience available to more families. We invite you to pray for the success of the school, support us with your charitable giving, and alert other potential families and donors about our wonderful school and vision for the education of boys.