Discipline Guidelines

There will be occasions when a boy violates our behavior guidelines and expectations and so will face an appropriate punishment for his action or omission.

When these occasions arise we use the opportunity to talk with the boy and point out how various behaviors, good and bad, have consequences. This private conversation will normally involve the mentor or the appropriate teacher. Sometimes it may involve an additional conversation with the Head of School. We will coach the boy about the specific consequences of his misbehavior, which could include such things as physical harm to himself or another person, damage to property, disruption of an activity, etc. Often another consequence will be a punishment. 

A punishment with a logical connection to the infraction is ordinarily imposed immediately by the appropriate teacher. For instance, a boy who repeatedly arrives late to class may be given a detention after school to make up for work he missed because he was tardy. A boy who argues excessively or is too rough during a game may have to sit out for a while to gather his emotions. We strive for constructive punishment that protects any victim and provides justice while helping the offender identify how he needs to improve his behavior. The object of a specific consequence, besides its punitive aspect, is to help the boy understand the importance of respect for others and self-control for himself. 

We try to be fair and measured in our punishments, and not to act hastily or overreact. Consideration is given to the age and grade of the boy(s) involved, the location, time, and other circumstances of the incident, how forthright the boy is about what happened, etc. We do not normally call home if we can help the boys work through their differences themselves at the moment. 

More serious punishments are ordinarily handled by the Head of School in consultation with the mentor and any appropriate teacher, and usually the parents. These could rise to the level of suspension or even expulsion from the school.

We do not discuss any specific punishment other than with the boy and his parents.

There is more detail about our behavioral guidelines and punishment policy in the Student Handbook section of our website.