School Hours and Extra-Curricular Activities

What are the hours for Sparhawk Academy?

Parents can drop off boys at the school as early as 7:45 am. The normal school day begins with a homeroom period at 8:15 am. At this time we take care of administrative details, take attendance, make announcements, and organize the day. Each grade has its own homeroom and homeroom teacher. The first class of the day begins at 8:20 am. The school day ends at the end of seventh period at 3:15 pm. There are seven 40-minute class periods throughout the day, plus daily Mass, a 45-minute lunch break, and 15-minute breaks in both the morning and the afternoon.

Are there extracurricular activities after school?

Yes, boys have the opportunity to participate in after school sports, clubs, and hobbies organized by the school. Current extracurriculars include Chess Club, Greek Club, Homework Club, Lego Club, Math Club, Robotics Club, and Theater Club. We compete against other schools in cross country and soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.

Activities will change according to season and the interests of the boys. Students will also be able to organize their own games and activities at the school until 4:00 pm each day (except for early dismissal days).

Is there a charge for early drop-off or late pick-up?

There is no charge for dropping boys off beginning at 7:45 am or picking boys up until 4:00 pm. Arrangements for outside of these time windows should be made well in advance by contacting the school at 617-727-4595.