SU2023 How to Win at School Camp

How to Win at School Camp


As you rise through middle school and embark on the journey of high school, you lay the foundation for your future as a professional and as a lifelong learner. How to Win at School emphasizes the need to grow in character at the same time as one develops one’s intellectual life. The program promotes the idea that one’s academic career should be seen not only as an opportunity to pursue self-development, but also, and more importantly, as an opportunity to learn to put one’s talents at the service of others—in short, to become a leader.

Components of How to Win at School

How to Win at School is a seminar program designed to help responsible students make the most of their middle and high school years and maximize their opportunities. It makes use of a curriculum combining lectures, readings, discussions, strategy games, and team sports. The program challenges students to think critically and to establish goals and pursue them energetically.  

The daily schedule includes two classes each morning providing practical tips for success in school, sports in the afternoon, and a virtue talk.

Topics covered include..

  • How to manage time more effectively
  • How to take smarter notes
  • How to provide A-level answers on quizzes, papers, and tests
  • How to navigate social situations and foster lifelong friendships
  • How to use technology responsibly

How to Win at School Camp FAQs

What’s the schedule of an average day of How to Win at School Camp?
Camp runs each day from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Drop-off starts at 8:30 AM. Parents should pick their campers by 3:15 PM.

Where does the camp take place?
All activities take place on the Sparhawk grounds and in Sparhawk Classrooms.

What should my son wear to camp?
Campers should dress in comfortable, warm-weather athletic attire and bring a bag lunch and drink from home.

What else does my son need to bring with him to camp?
Boys should come each day with a notebook and two pencils. As we will be outdoors often, campers should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray!

Do How to Win at School Camp t-shirts cost extra?
The price is included in the camp fee. Each camper will receive a Sparhawk Woodworking Camp t-shirt on the first day of camp.

Camp Leadership

Tom Keefe is the Director of Admissions and teaches History, Literature, and Music at Sparhawk Academy, where he also coaches basketball. He has many years of experience mentoring boys, and spent many summer helping to organize and run the Sebago Leadership Camp. Contact Mr. Keefe at

Full profiles for Mr. Keefe and other Sparhawk teachers are available here.


Ben Houde teaches Language Arts, Latin, Literature, and Music at Sparhawk Academy, where he also coaches soccer and baseball. He has been running Sparhawk Summer programs since 2019. Contact Mr. Houde at

Full profiles for Mr. Houde and other Sparhawk teachers are available here.




Camp fee: $525 ($50 discount for currently enrolled Sparhawk students)

Session: August 14 – August 18

Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Entering Grades: 7-9

Enrollment cap: 20 Per Session

Camp location: Sparhawk Academy