SU2023 Catching the Serpent in the Sea

Catching the Serpent in the Sea Camp


Fishermen all agree. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there is nothing more thrilling than that moment when your fishing line grows taught as a harp string and the fight is on! You try to reel in the big Unknown from the depths of the sea. But maybe there is something even better: reeling it in on the rod that you designed, with the tackle that you yourself made, on the bait that you yourself caught! This summer we will be getting an opportunity to do just that: Viking fishing. Boys will craft and assemble their own fishing gear, learn how to catch bait, and go on 2 major guided landfishing expeditions, getting to compete for the biggest catch and bring their self-made gear home for theirs to keep! No prior fishing experience required.

Catching the Serpent in the Sea FAQs

What’s the schedule of an average day of Catching the Serpent in the Sea Camp?
Camp runs each day from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Drop-off starts at 8:30 AM. Parents should pick their campers by 3:15 PM.

Where does the camp take place?
All activities take place on the Sparhawk grounds and in Sparhawk Classrooms.

What should my son wear to camp?
Campers should dress in comfortable, warm-weather athletic attire and bring a bag lunch and drink from home.

What else does my son need to bring with him to camp?
Boys are encouraged to bring a fishing pole if they have one.

Do Catching the Serpent in the Sea Camp t-shirts cost extra?
The price is included in the camp fee. Each camper will receive a Sparhawk Catching the Serpent in the Sea Camp t-shirt on the first day of camp.

Camp Leadership

Sean Mahoney teaches History, Literature, Math, and Speech at Sparhawk Academy, as well as running the Sparhawk Greek Club. Contact Mr. Mahoney at

Full profiles for Mr. Mahoney and other Sparhawk teachers are available here.



Camp fee: $525 ($50 discount for currently enrolled Sparhawk students)

Session: August 14 – August 18

Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Entering Grades: 3-8

Enrollment cap: 20 Per Session

Camp location: Sparhawk Academy