Winning at School & Sports


As you rise through middle school and embark on the journey of high school, you lay the foundation of skills, habits, and virtue that will set you apart from your peers. In the morning, Winning at School introduces tactics students can employ immediately to gain an upper edge in the classroom. From time management hacks to smarter note-taking and thorough studying, you will learn how to look at your classes as challenges to embrace, confident that you have everything necessary to ace the class.

In the afternoon, Winning at Sports calls upon natural sportsmen to grow to become leaders. How can I lift the team up and, more importantly, help my teammates to improve their skills and attitude? This camp will encourage those newer to sports to gain the confidence necessary to acquire technique and uncover the different ways to contribute. Whether familiar to sports or not, this camp will give all the chance to grow in teamwork and leadership!



Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Non-Sparhawk Family$525.00
Sparhawk Family$475.00
Reservation ticket: Non-Sparhawk Family
$100 reservation; remaining $425 due in May
Reservation ticket: Sparhawk Family
$100 reservation; remaining $375 due in May

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