Pioneer Camp: Go-Karts & Mechanics I


Go-Karts & Mechanics I

June 10th – 14th

As I stuff my head into the helmet, the anticipation and excitement builds up in me. I buckle up and wait for my friend in the kart ahead of me to pull out of the pit, my blood beginning to pump faster and faster. The green flag is waving, and suddenly I realize it’s clear in front of me – it’s my turn to go! My heart is pounding. I open my eyes real wide, lift my right foot, and press it down on the pedal as hard as I can! My kart leaps forward, jerking me along with it. It’s a warm summer Friday afternoon and the Sparhawk Grand Prix has just begun…


The thrill of being in the drivers seat of a go-kart requires both courage and responsibility. The boys will begin the week getting acquainted with a go-kart, before easing in to riding it. In the mornings, they will learn basic mechanics, how to change tires, fill a tank of gas, tighten screws, and most importantly, how to ride safely. In the afternoons, they will practice racing different styled NASCAR tracks and Formula 1 circuits around Sparhawk’s beautiful campus.

Each boy will learn:

– Leadership qualities as race team captain
– Executing on a strategy as driver
– The importance of being a supporting member in the pit crew

Activities include

  • Mechanical breakdown
  • How qualification work
  • Super Pole Shootout
  • Fastest Lap competition
  • Pit crew basics
  • NASCAR-style tracks: Daytona International Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Pocono Raceway
  • Formula 1-style circuits: Circuit de Monaco, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza (Milan), Silverstone

The camp culminates in the Sparhawk Grand Prix on Friday!



The boys will all be safe and secure while riding. The boys will be wearing helmets, buckled in, and each kart will be equipped with a kill switch that the camp leaders will be able to remotely activate in case of any dangerous driving. The parents will be required to sign a waiver in order for their boys to participate.



Go-Kart & Mechanics Camp FAQs

What’s the schedule of an average day of Pioneer: Go-Karts & Mechanics Camp?
Camp runs each day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Drop-off starts at 9:30 AM. Parents should pick their campers by 4:15 PM.

Where does the camp take place?
All activities take place on the Sparhawk grounds. We may take a field trip to a local go-karting venue.

What should my son wear to camp?
Campers should dress in comfortable, warm-weather athletic attire and bring a bag lunch and drink from home.

What else does my son need to bring with him to camp?
As we will be outdoors for much of the camp, campers should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray!

Do Go-Karts & Mechanics Camp t-shirts cost extra?
The price is included in the camp fee. Each camper will receive a Sparhawk Go-Karts & Mechanics Camp t-shirt on the first day of camp.




Ticket TypePriceSpaces
General Public$625.00
Sparhawk Family$575.00
Reservation ticket: General Public
$100 reservation; remaining $525 due in May
Reservation ticket: Sparhawk Family
$100 reservation; remaining $475 due in May

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