Dangerous Camp for Boys I

Dangerous Camp for Boys I

July 8th – 12th


Every boy craves adventure. To explore uncharted territory, to test our limits–it’s what we’re made for. The Dangerous Camp for Boys gives boys the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their potential to shape the world around them through daily adventures.

Two programs, same adventure!

Boys in Grades K-2 will be placed in Junior Dangerous Camp
This camp will be tailored towards smaller boys, giving them challenges they can handle and grow in confidence.

Boys in Grades 3-6 will participate in Dangerous Camp
This camp will include the full extent of activities, summoning these boys to overcome larger challenges.

Why “Dangerous”?

The Dangerous Camp for Boys was developed from “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, an international best-selling primer on the skills that every boy should know. After your son experiences The Dangerous Camp, he will have learned a battery of skills that he will use into adulthood.

Skills include:

  • Knot-Tying
  • Battle tactics
  • Land navigation
  • Fire building
  • First aid
  • Whittling

Field Exercises and Stories of Great Adventure

To facilitate the building of friendships and the development of leadership abilities, campers are divided into four “Companies”, each of which competes in different sports, teamwork challenges, and field exercises throughout the course of the camp.

Field exercises include:

  • Nerf Wars
  • Capture the Flag
  • Treasure hunts
  • Strategic water balloon battles

Stories of Great Adventure

To inspire campers to pursue their own adventures in life, each Company will hear stories of the “Dangerous Men of History”, or heroes who have dared to strive for greatness and made positive impacts in the world. Dangerous Men of History include Charles Lindbergh, Robin Hood, Desmond Doss, and many others.

Camp Counselors

Sparhawk Summer camp counselors frequently develop friendships with campers that last from year to year. The team consists largely of Sparhawk alumni now in high school. Counselors serve as leaders within each of the camp’s “Companies,” and are engaged in each activity of the camp. They are selected for their strong characters, fun and cheerful demeanor, and ability to be role models for campers.

Dangerous Camp FAQs

Are all sessions of Dangerous Camp the same?
The activities for each session will mostly be the same, but feel free to sign up for multiple weeks!  There is tremendous variety in the day-to-day activities, so we have had boys in the past come for multiple weeks and love every minute of it!

What’s the schedule of an average day of Dangerous Camp? Where does the camp take place?

Camp runs each day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Drop-off starts at 9:30 AM. All activities take place on the Sparhawk grounds, where boys will engage in sports, field exercises, and teamwork challenges. Parents should pick their campers by 4:15 PM.

What should my son wear to camp?
Campers should dress in comfortable, warm-weather athletic attire and bring a bag lunch and drink from home.

What else does my son need to bring with him to camp?
As we will be outdoors for much of the camp, campers should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray!

Do Dangerous Camp t-shirts cost extra?
The price is included in the camp fee. Each camper will receive a Dangerous Camp t-shirt upon the camp’s conclusion.



Ticket TypePriceSpaces
General Public$525.00
Sparhawk Family$475.00
Reservation ticket: General Public
$100 reservation; remaining $425 due in May
Reservation ticket: Sparhawk Family
$100 reservation; remaining $375 due in May

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