Pioneer Camp: Mechanics, Engines, & Rockets


Mechanics, Engines & Rockets, oh my! This camp will serve to introduce to the boys the mechanics behind various machines, let them work with their hands on larger engines, and launch rockets! We will start with the basics of a bike, work our way up through a car engine, Big Joe (Sparhawk’s beloved red tractor), and onto rockets! The boys will learn about combustion, energy capture and storage, motors, sensors, and more! The discipline, rigor, and perseverance needed by historical figures who engineered these progresses will be profiled, and then the boys will compete to create the best machines!

There will be a field trip to the John F. Kennedy National Library & Museum in Dorchester to focus on the Space Program exhibit, and sports will be included throughout the week.

Highlighted pioneers include: The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy and the NASA teams including the Mercury 7, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, etc…




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Non-Sparhawk Family$525.00
Sparhawk Family$475.00
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$100 reservation; remaining $425 due in May
Reservation ticket: Sparhawk Family
$100 reservation; remaining $375 due in May

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